About Jonathan

In 2018 I coined a phrase on my Twitter account that has sort of «stuck» with me:

Futurist, with reservations.

I'm going to take this space to clarify what I mean by «futurist, with reservations». I love shiny new things. Technology, creativity, art, music, culture. I always have. God wired me that way. I naturally tend to be biased towards or over-indexed on things that are new, against those that are worn and used.

I’m optimistic about the future. The future of humanity. The future of the Christianity. The future of my family and children. The future that technology creates and enables.

But I’m also cautious. I have reservations, because there are many dark (and sometimes dystopian) realities that are present in the world. I think growth and progress should have limits. We should be asking deeper questions about the way achieving the future we have always dreamed of is eroding our freedom and ability to be deeply human.

Also, our ability to press into the dark unknown, even under the guise of surveilled realities, makes our plight semi-opted-in to, but also cloyingly human.

There is hope. There is always hope.



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